Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to Ensure Maximum Protection during Hurricanes

If your house is in an area where hurricanes are a common phenomenon, then you must be accustomed to using various protections for the property. There are many different ways in which you can offer protection for your family and belongings. Whichever measures you take for this important job, it is important to make sure that you take the right steps while there is enough time to do so. Negligence can cost you dearly, not just in terms of property but also in terms of life of someone close. It is therefore essential to plan ahead of time and make proper arrangements to face the challenge of a hurricane.

Preparations for an approaching hurricane

There are many things you can do in order to stay safe during the hurricane. Also check the availability of supplies of food, water, batteries, etc. If possible keep a fully equipped hurricane emergency kit at hand. Make sure that you have a safer place to move to such as a friend or relative or even a hotel room, in case of evacuation. Pick everything around the house such as branches, tools, furniture, or any other object that could become a missile during the hurricane. Move valuable objects, furniture, etc. to safe places and things that can be damaged by water should be kept in higher areas.

Using Hurricane Shutters

The best way to protect your house from the ravages of the wind is using specialized shutters made exclusively for hurricanes. These shutters offer great protection against the hurricanes by covering the windows and doors. They can be purchased from a reliable supplier at different costs. The best ones are those that offer excellent protection, are easy to install and are affordable. Costly ones are not necessarily the best ones. It is your particular requirement that dictates your choice of shutters. The more heavy-duty protection and ease of use you need the sturdier and costlier the shutters you will need to buy.

When to install shutters?

You should take proper Hurricane Protection measures while building the house. This is the best time for installing the shutters as well. This way you can install the best fitting and looking shutters according to the design and structure of the house. However, if you haven’t done so, then anytime is best for installing them as long as it is well before a hurricane. Check the shutters every year before the hurricane season to ensure it is in proper working condition. Practice installing them to ensure that you know how much it takes you to mount them on the doors or windows.

Finding an affordable solution

Not all shutters are equally priced. Their price varies according to the material used for them. Plywood shutters are probably the most inexpensive of them all. These shutters can do the job perfectly well if they are thick enough and are installed properly by an experienced person. If you house has many doors and windows that need protection for hurricanes then this is one of the most affordable and effective alternative over other commercial shutters. It is best to find a reliable company for your shutters so that you can rest assured that they are properly installed and provide maximum protection.

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  1. I can see why people in hurricane areas would want impact windows like these. I don't live in an area like that, but I still would get impact windows. It seems like people where I live are always vandalizing houses. It would be a nice protection against that.