Friday, 6 December 2013

How Hurricane shutters mitigate damages!

Hurricane is a natural calamity that hit regions close to the coast. The fury of this disaster is so great that a trail of disaster is left behind. People who live in hurricane prone areas have to look for a variety of ways through which they can safeguard their lives and homes. One of the ways is by using hurricane shutters. These are installations that act as a protection covering enveloping a building. The major damages that occur due to hurricane is caused by flying debris that penetrates doors and windows and causes intense harm.

Major damages occurring because of hurricanes


Gushing wind inside a house carrying a lot of dirt, dust and debris with lot of sharp and pointed things can cause a lot of harm. Many times, even the roof of the house vanishes into oblivion, such is the fury of this natural disaster. Thus, the major way through which this damage can be avoided or contained is by installing hurricane shutters. The inswing doors and glazed openings can be protected using these shutters that will help you avoiding a roof. In hurricane prone areas, building codes have changed at many places and it has become mandatory to use some form of hurricane protection.

Different Options for hurricane protection


For the purpose of gaining Certificate of Occupancy, many people try using oriented strand board and plywood but these materials fail when tested for meeting certain standards that are necessary when facing the wrath of a full blown storm. Plywood is one of the most commonly used materials used for protection against hurricane but it does not have the necessary ability to offer complete protection that is needed during this time.

Hurricane shutters is the most reliable thing for protection


This option proves to be more reliable and trustworthy when the storm is raging and you need the safety against this wrath. It is convenient to use and is quite strong. When installed on all doors and windows, the house is more or less a fortress and is ready to challenge the storm. Besides using them on doors and windows, it is important to use them on the garage doors as well. There are hurricane shutters meant for attached garages as they prove to be weakest links when hurricane is sweeping the region with all its might. Thus, avoiding garage door becoming a vulnerable link, it too needs proper attention and thought.

There are various type of shutters available which one is the best?

Best shutters can be those that are not only affordable but can also be installed easily. If a senior citizen is looking forward to install these shutters, he or she must go for an option that is completely automatic, something like accordion shutters. Young people with more strength can go for heavy plywood trimmed shutters. Many people prefer Bahamas shutters as they are user friendly and can be installed with minimum fuss. Many people love to install storm shutters as they take care of wide array of storms. These shutters can easily curb the trail of devastation left behind by many storms.
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Friday, 22 November 2013

Hurricane Shutters broward Florida

Fury of Mother Nature is incomprehensible and totally unpredictable. One never knows when she decides to change the fate of thousands of human beings. One cannot possible stop the wrath of nature’s fury but at least take up some measures to keep the disastrous impacts at bay. For example, if as per the weather department, there is a report indicating chances of an area getting hit by Hurricane, people living in that area needs to take some precautionary steps so as to protect their homes and their lives. If you cannot completely avoid any problem, you can at least try to minimize the damages as far as possible.
Broward Hurricane Shutters

Are these shutters capable of providing protection to a home?

One of the most important hurricane protection measures is hurricane shutters. These shutters basically help in providing strong and sturdy protection doors and windows of a house so that it does not suffer any damages or destruction by strong winds and lashing rains that is commonly associated with hurricanes. During this natural disaster, the speed of the winds is so high that dirt, dust and debris fly at an alarming pace. In order to ensure protection of your home, you need to look into a wide range of hurricane shutters available like colonial, accordion, Bahamas and roll down ones. A variety of materials are used to make variety of hurricane shutters. Metal or wood can be used in the manufacture of these shutters.
Accordion Shutters Broaward

What is the cost of Hurricane shutters?

Since these hurricane shutters are made from a wide array of materials, the cost of these products also varies significantly. If there is a financial constraint, one can also go for the vinyl version. There are many online stores that offer these shutters at competitive prices. One needs to research a little to select shutters that will suit perfectly as per requirements and then buy them online. Some affordable or cheap alternatives are also available that helps in protecting your house during hurricanes. 

Hurricane Garadge Doors

Window Tinting

These days, many offices, houses and commercial buildings are opting for Hurricane protection films as an added measure for hurricane protection. It is no harm gaining additional benefits and enhancing protection. Lives of many people become secure and safe by just making their doors and windows hurricane resistant.

When using hurricane shutters, there is no need to install plywood board sheets. Nails lodged in plywood may come loose and as a result plywood becomes more dangerous in high speed winds. Besides using hurricane shutters, it is important to remove all breakable items and store them securely lest they get damaged in the onslaught of a storm. Moreover, there must be a separate room devoid of any things that may cause damage. This room can be used in order to safeguard oneself when the storm is going strong. This way, you will also feel safe from flying debris that may prove to be fatal at times. Store a lot of emergency things like candles, blankets, food, water, batteries, first aid kit, etc to ensure you are truly prepared to combat this problem.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hurricane Season is in - Get Insured Today

Mid of August is considered to be the peak of hurricane season. The government agencies have forecasted that this will be an unusually active year but not as severe as predicted in May. But it is essential to be well prepared as even one major storm can prove to be costly. The damage to home as well as other properties can be devastating if not taken care of initially. People living in inland generally do not take proper measures, but the records state that hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes impact interiors of US right from Springfield, Mass, Joplin, Mo to farther east.

Rising Awareness


Reports state that hurricanes like Sandy can be more common in the future; therefore it is high time to accept the reality and get insured beforehand. The low lying communities as well as states are also learning to adapt accordingly. The catastrophe losses due to hurricane Sandy and Tropical storm Irene in 2011 have instilled fear and sense of responsibility among residents of Connecticut. The people are now becoming more aware about how to cope-up with rising situation and the necessary requirements like getting insured well ahead of time. Residents have also started to install hurricane protection equipment to safeguard their family and property from all the natural disasters.

Recent Updates

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center has predicted that the frequency of storms and its severity will be comparatively less in this year but other agencies forecast the year as above normal. It has also been forecasted that around 13- 19 storms will hit this season among which 6 to 9 are supposed to be hurricanes. In between 6- 9 hurricanes, 3-5 will be major ones. A major hurricane is the one which has sustained winds of minimum 111 mph and is considered to be Category 3 or greater. The seasonal average is somewhere around 12 named storms and six hurricanes in which three are major.

Ways to Prepare


June 1 to November 30 is considered to be the hurricane season in which mid-August to late October is the peak season. It is essential for everybody, for those living close to the sea as well as those living in the inland are to install hurricane shutters. Do review the family emergency plan, check and stock emergency kit and to consider insurance options. Make a list of all the belongings in the home, having a video recording can be of great help. Remember to stock ready to eat food for family and pets in enough quantity and fill in containers and even bathtubs with fresh water. In case one needs to evacuate do carry the insurance claim and other relevant documents along with the emergency kit.

NOAA revised forecast states that the season would bring 13 to 20 named storms, 11 of them would be hurricanes and 3- 6 would be a major one. The updated outlook was scaled back as there was low expectation of extreme activity which might be because of La Nina will likely develop and bring reduced wind shear and also due to of lack of hurricanes through July.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lay emphasis on quality instead of economical price while buying hurricane shutters

Rise in hurricanes have alarmed worldwide house owners, especially those who reside in hurricane prone areas. For such homeowners, it has become imperative to think about most effective ways to ensure protection of house and lives of their family members. Amongst some most effective ways, hurricane shutters takes the lead, as they are competent of taking care of your property and valuable lives of your family members. Ironically, still numerous people think that hurricane will not approach to their areas. For them, buying storm shutters is a useless expenditure. History has enough incidents when this expenditure did pay off through securing lives and precious assets.

Why to treat this expenditure as an investment?

There are certain types of expenditures that actually should be treated like investment. You cannot access that in coming time how expenditure will turn out to be worthy, but you should not ignore such expenditures. One of such expenses is, buying a quality-oriented hurricane shutter. Just imagine that you come across a warning that a hurricane is about to approach your area. What is best that you can do in such a situation? Run somewhere or call emergency? However, what will you do if wind current is so powerful that it is impossible for you to drive safely to nearby safer location? What will you do if it is not possible for rescue team to reach to you for help? Well, in such a situation you will just do one thing. You will repent for underestimating the value of a powerful storm shutter. When you already know about a most apt way to deal with devastating natural calamities like hurricane, tornadoes, torrential rain, flood, etc, why to go through this nightmare?

Points to keep in mind before choosing a shutter for your home or your commercial property

 There are plenty of options available in the market to cater to your customized requirements. You can choose from accordion shutters, High Impact Doors,colonial, Bahamas, plastic, wood shutters, etc. When you look for highest quality, you need to pay price accordingly. Few shutters may appear out of your budget. Few shutters may appear extremely appealing due to bearing an economical price. Most of the buyers focus on price instead of overall features. This proves to be a costly blunder in long run. Just think that can you risk your life for saving few extra bucks. The answer is apparently no. Consider it as one time investment because it is a matter of your life and lives of your family members.

If you are not able to resist the charm of economical price tag, do not fret when a shutter shows some problems during the time when you want it to play its role. When you get a shutter through spending low price, it may come with a tiny motor meant for lifting weight. You might need frequent motor replacement that will further add burden to your pocket. So, if you do not want to experience any kind of nightmare amidst being trapped in a destructive hurricane, choose a quality shutter as it is a worthy investment. A storm shutter is meant to provide you peace of mind and value, when you want it to function and for that, you should not think much for spending additional bucks.
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Monday, 1 July 2013

Bahama and Colonial Shutters: A way to ensure Décor and security

There was a time when installing hurricane shutters was more of a kind of obligation in order to ensure the protection to the home and lives of the people residing in a house. With the passage of the time, various hurricane shutters manufacturers felt the need of making great design variations related to the storm shutters, in order to enhance their appearance so that they don’t mar the aesthetic appeal of a house. People did welcome newer and better forms of hurricane shutter designs which blend well with the beautiful exterior home décor. At this point of time, there are available various fascinating patterns of hurricane shutters like Bahama and Colonial that not only appear fine in the context of the appearance, but they also prove to be extremely competent in saving precious time and money, to a great extent. Bahama and Colonial shutters, both are basically a superb blend of security and décor. There is certainly no denial to the fact that these two shutters are proving to be among the most superior solutions for home owners and business owners, both. Let’s have a glance on those aspects that are fetching extreme popularity to these two shutter types:

Easy installation and operating: A user can easily open and close them from inside and outside, both. Apart from that, installing them pose no hassles at all.

Blends well with exterior house décor: There are various fascinating ways through which they can be made blend well with the exterior décor of your house or workplace. Almost everything including angles, crooked tops and arches can be used in the context of these two shutter types.

Additional protection: Apart from ensuring unfailing protection against hurricane and other natural calamities, these shutters also offer additional protection against extremely adverse climate conditions. As far as ensuring privacy is concerned, they again prove to be very competent.

Allows sufficient ventilation
: There are few shutter types that create a suffocating atmosphere due to not providing sufficient ventilation. Bahama and Colonial shutters gain upper hand over other shutters in the matter of providing sufficient sunlight and proper ventilation.

Superior finishing: When a hurricane shutter doesn’t feature proper finishing in installation and appearance, it may spoil the entire beauty of a structure, whether be it a house or an office premise. These two shutter types showcase a glimpse of impeccable finishing. Thus, instead of spoiling the captivating décor of a structure, they add a touch of elegance to the same.

Nevertheless, there are few important points; one needs to keep in mind prior to the installation of Colonial and Bahama shutters. Let’s see what they are:
  • You may experience more ease and flexibility in installing Colonial shutters in comparison to installing Bahama shutters.
  • If a building or a house features a lap style on wood or vinyl exterior, you may require using additional techniques related to the installation, which in turn, might make you spend extra money.
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Versatility of plantation shutters

Hurricane shutters not only prove to be efficient in the context of offering protection to the life and property, but they can also be an instrument to enhance an artistic décor of a house. The majority of the people associate hurricane shutters with powerful storms, but they don’t know that they can also contribute in enhancing the décor of the house. The use of hurricane shutters goes back to a Greek era, where Greek people would make the use of them in various architecture for the sake of enjoying comfort, security and privacy. They would close the interior windows through the help of these powerful shutters. This structure became the source of the inspiration for the western architectures. Plantation shutter came in limelight during the 18th century and it went through various transformations so far. It can be observed that the storm shutters are basically a manifestation of window treatment. Thus, it becomes imperative for a buyer to pay attention to the various aspects of the same. The diverse areas that require a careful analysis on the part of a buyer includes the aesthetic appeal, durability and value. Here, have a glance on few selection tips related to a plantation shutter:
 Perform a detailed research: Never settle for what is easily available. Look around, search on internet, get to know about the pros and cons of diverse kinds of shutters, and ask for the reviews by the users. A proper decision regarding buying shutter won’t be possible without all these.

Consider the bulkiness of a shutter: If a bulkier shutter has caught your eye, before investing into it, get inkling that whether you would require undertaking some home improvement plans or no. If the answer is no, apparently, there will be no hassles, but if the answer is yes, you need to frame a budget and see whether it would be affordable for you or no. It has been observed at times that old houses may require additional framing in order to make sure that the window casings provide required support to the hinges of the bulkier shutters.

Keep in mind about the aesthetic appeal: If you are also concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your house, not every plantation shutter may fit the purpose. Wood shutters scores well in this aspect, but when it comes to the maintenance aspect, vinyl shutters prove to be more effective.

There are available some ultra modern treatments that are fabricated out of distinctive high impact polymer and double sided extruded aluminum louver. They are gaining popularity due to offering utmost hurricane protection, comfort, safety, light control and noise control. They offer the greatest bangs for the bucks due to offering additional value in the form of durability, style and versatility. They are equipped with roll-up feature, motorized vertical sliding coverings for interior and exterior application and one touch-louver control. Above all, they can be installed on unusual window types. Nevertheless, one should always opt for a reputed company for buying hurricane shutters so that one doesn’t have to regret later on.