Sunday, 11 November 2012

Natural disasters come uninformed; it is wise to be prepared beforehand

When it comes to disasters the natural ones are the most horrible as they hit suddenly and take heavy toll of life and property. Sometimes the intensity of these disasters is so high that cities are left ruined and devastated. Human beings are very helpless when it comes to such disasters. They come time and again and leave bad memories after every visit. The fear of these disasters always hovers over the minds as these uninvited calamities can come anytime.

Natural disasters are powerful and when they hit any region the life and work both gets disturbed as it becomes difficult to adopt the natural course of life. The personal and professional both lives suffer heavy blow and transportation is also affected. Government agencies take many steps to help and protect the lives from natural disasters. The coastal regions are more prone to hurricanes and tornadoes and so more protection is needed on these fronts. The government agencies time and again release warnings of heavy rains and hurricanes that may affect such regions and also issue certain guidelines so that the lives can be saved. Sometimes the entrance in disaster prone areas is strictly prohibited. The hurricanes travel from one place to other and so a strict check on its movement is also kept.

There are many steps that one can also take to safeguard lives of near and dear ones from such calamities. Foresightedness is also essential because one needs to be ready before the problem. Along with the lives, there are several other things that need to be protected like our important documents, insurance papers and other such materials. The home and office buildings and other building assets are equally important. Installing hurricane shutters will not only make these storm proof but these will also avert chances of a major damage due to strong winds and flying debris. Business is also an important thing that needs to be safeguarded and here are certain steps that could be taken to protect the business:

Chalk out an alternative arrangement plan if working in the office is impossible. The employees should be told how they should continue working in case of such calamities so as to save business from loses. The documentation is needs to be protected. Keep a backup of your important documents like a photo of the documents and it should be kept in mobiles as well as PC’s so the documents can be accessed as and when required. Backup of important documents should not be stored in the same place with the original ones. In addition to this, the warnings by government agencies should be paid heed to and necessary steps should be taken. The buildings should be renovated according to the guidelines laid by government as it gives protection and proper hurricane shutters should be installed. Disaster management is an effective tool and all should be taught about the same. The application of these is easy and has positive consequences.

These disasters would always come uninformed so it is a good practice to be always prepared and have plans to meet such emergency situations. Human lives are the most precious things but property and business are equally important to sustain lives. Cautious attitude is must to save one’s precious objects.

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