Hurricane Shutters Panels

In Florida, you can avail home safety insurance only if all the openings are fixed with hurricane resistant doors and windows. One of the most affordable options is the hurricane shutter panels.

Clear shutter panels with high transparency glasses allow you to see outside clearly while you are still protected from the hurricanes.

The hurricane storm panel with clear glass come with many contemporary features.
  • Approved as per Federal Building Code in USA
  • Custom designed for installation in home and office
  • Lightweight and smooth operation
  • Stand-alone fixtures with PVC and aluminium panels
  • Best use structural integrity when installing on multi-storeyed units
  • It has superior engineering with reinforced track system and self-alignment running on overlapped panels.
  • Economical and efficient thermal management with low energy consumption
  • Easy installation procedure for horizontal and vertical set-ups

  • Removable and permanent set-ups against high-impact hurricane and tropical storms
  • Sturdy durability with easy set ups
  • Customized finish with compact designs
  • Use in patio, garage, store rooms and even closet
  • Wide range of stock size panels for different locations in the house and office
Embrace high-performance impact resistant Hurricane shutters panel for a superior living standard and 100% privacy.


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