Friday, 6 December 2013

How Hurricane shutters mitigate damages!

Hurricane is a natural calamity that hit regions close to the coast. The fury of this disaster is so great that a trail of disaster is left behind. People who live in hurricane prone areas have to look for a variety of ways through which they can safeguard their lives and homes. One of the ways is by using hurricane shutters. These are installations that act as a protection covering enveloping a building. The major damages that occur due to hurricane is caused by flying debris that penetrates doors and windows and causes intense harm.

Major damages occurring because of hurricanes


Gushing wind inside a house carrying a lot of dirt, dust and debris with lot of sharp and pointed things can cause a lot of harm. Many times, even the roof of the house vanishes into oblivion, such is the fury of this natural disaster. Thus, the major way through which this damage can be avoided or contained is by installing hurricane shutters. The inswing doors and glazed openings can be protected using these shutters that will help you avoiding a roof. In hurricane prone areas, building codes have changed at many places and it has become mandatory to use some form of hurricane protection.

Different Options for hurricane protection


For the purpose of gaining Certificate of Occupancy, many people try using oriented strand board and plywood but these materials fail when tested for meeting certain standards that are necessary when facing the wrath of a full blown storm. Plywood is one of the most commonly used materials used for protection against hurricane but it does not have the necessary ability to offer complete protection that is needed during this time.

Hurricane shutters is the most reliable thing for protection


This option proves to be more reliable and trustworthy when the storm is raging and you need the safety against this wrath. It is convenient to use and is quite strong. When installed on all doors and windows, the house is more or less a fortress and is ready to challenge the storm. Besides using them on doors and windows, it is important to use them on the garage doors as well. There are hurricane shutters meant for attached garages as they prove to be weakest links when hurricane is sweeping the region with all its might. Thus, avoiding garage door becoming a vulnerable link, it too needs proper attention and thought.

There are various type of shutters available which one is the best?

Best shutters can be those that are not only affordable but can also be installed easily. If a senior citizen is looking forward to install these shutters, he or she must go for an option that is completely automatic, something like accordion shutters. Young people with more strength can go for heavy plywood trimmed shutters. Many people prefer Bahamas shutters as they are user friendly and can be installed with minimum fuss. Many people love to install storm shutters as they take care of wide array of storms. These shutters can easily curb the trail of devastation left behind by many storms.
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